A Smattering of Photos

Here's some random photos of Luca from the past couple of weeks.

Oh, it's you.

"WHAT?" - Luca

Wrapped up in a blankey

Where's the baby?! There's the baby!

I'm ready to lead. Where's my partner?

I'm ready to follow. Wait... what?

Bond, James Bond.

AH... sleep!
The photos of Luca in the formal attire were taken before attending a formal ballroom dance. UWMBDA had the final dance of the semester/year, and it was a formal dance. We all dressed in formal attire for the event, and Luca danced with us a couple of times while riding in the front baby carrier. We danced waltz and west coast swing.

The last photo shows what Kyra was talking about in the previous post--how Luca is too big for his current swaddle. Soon to be remedied, I hope!


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