Heartbeats 2

We had an ultrasound earlier this week and found that she is a normal size, if maybe a little small. Here's a new playlist of the heartbeats:

Kyra mentioned that we didn't have many pictures of her pregnant. Here's one.

We were at the symphony, probably the last one for a long time.

Looking forward to meeting you little one!

One Year Hence

It's been about 1 year since our foster child left our home, returning to the birth family.

I still think about the child every day. I have a picture on my desk. I think of the laughter, the smiles, the hugs. And how the child just fit in with our family so well.

We've lost touch with the family. Phone, address, and email do not work. I asked around for updated contact information, but no one had any.

There's a hole in my heart. I have to avoid thinking about it to stay calm. (This is hard to write.)

We're due with our second child next month, in April. I'm looking forward to seeing our new child. I'm certain I will adore our baby daughter.

There will always be a place in my heart for our foster child, and nothing else can fill it.

If you ever read this: I hope you're okay. Someday, I hope to see you again. And remember, I love you, and I will always be your Baba.

Chris's Law

Today, this happened to me:

I went into the kitchen to throw away a tissue. I noticed the trash was full. I thought: "Oh, I'll just take out the garbage." However, I then noticed that the top of the trash can was rather dirty, so I went to get a wet paper towel to clean it off. I turned to find that the paper towels were out.

So then I went downstairs to get some more paper towels. I remembered that we had laundry to put away, and that later today, when we usually do laundry, we would be out to the hospital for a tour. We had to do laundry earlier, likely about right now.

I got the paper towels, came back upstairs, cleaned the trash can, and while I was taking out the trash, noticed the recycling bin was also full. So that had to be taken out, too.

This situation, along with many others (e.g., fixing anything in the house; replacing a light switch ended up taking half-a freakin' day), resulted in a conclusion: There is never only One Thing to Do. There are always Many Things to Do. To think otherwise is to commit a fallacy.

In other words: One task is Many.

"I'll just do this One Thing." Yeah, right!

Praise for Luca

Luca received his first report card today. He excels at knowing letters and their sounds, as well as counting forward and backward, counting objects, and reading, writing, comparing, and ordering numbers. Otherwise, he is proficient in all other skills.

Luca's teachers wrote two touching notes about him. In the section titled, "Child as a Learner and School Community Member", his teacher wrote, "Luca is a friendly and helpful student. He is a joy to have in class." In visual arts, his teacher wrote, "Luca is a pleasure to have in class! He is hard working, articulate, creative, and is also very helpful to his peers. Thank you Luca!"

We were reading his report card to him, and when I read the first note, I teared up. I'm so proud of my little boy!


When we first started this journal, it was all about Kyra's pregnancy and our wedding. We wrote about what was going on during that stage of the pregnancy, our wedding, and posted heartbeat recordings from the doctor visits.

Only a few years later, we have a healthy, big school-age kid named Luca, a healthy marriage, and another child on the way. But for this pregnancy, we waited before we announced it. The first time, our journal was sort of a secret. We hadn't shared it with family yet, but we wanted to document what was going on. This time, it was kind of the other way around. Plenty of people knew before we posted it online.

This time, we wanted to make sure to get past a certain stage of the pregnancy before we announced it. We were trying for a baby, and had a few false positives. Even when Kyra was actually pregnant it didn't seem like it. We did so many tests! So we wanted to be certain the baby was going to make it.

A few days ago, we were a bit concerned. Kyra couldn't feel the baby kicking much, and she was told she should feel it every few hours, and quite a few times when she did. So the next day she got a test done, and to our relief, found that the baby was indeed healthy and very active.

Just like with Luca, we record the heartbeats from the ultrasound. Here are the first few recordings we made at various appointments. Yes, she's real! And there's only ONE!

Stay tuned for more!