Costa Rica: Day 2

Aug 10, 2014 - Domingo

We woke early and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Breakfast was not as spectacular as dinner the night before, but it was still very good.

Our flight to Arenal volcano was at 11:45 am, so we left for the airport again. I thought the flight would be fun, but I got very sick (no vomit!) since it was a very small airplane prone to air disturbance. Kyra was sick, too, but she seemed to expect it. I slowly recovered over the next few hours.

The ride from the airport in La Fortuna, a small town nearby the volcano, to the Arenal Observatory Lodge where we were staying was not terribly interesting. About half of it was through an unpaved road that would wash out with the rain, creating big potholes, causing the ride to be very slow and very bumpy. I was glad I didn't drive, not that I was able to, since I was still sick from the plane ride.

We arrived and ate sandwiches from the airport, then rested. After, we made it to the pool and jacuzzi -- it was very beautiful. We explored a bit and had dinner at the hotel. A travel group arrived at sunset, and we watched it with them.

That night we slept better, but still a little rough. Some of the birds were quite loud, and the howler monkeys woke us up the next morning.

The volcano is gorgeous. It's shrouded by cloud often, but we had a few clear views. It's not too hot or humid. Really, lovely weather. No scorpions so far!

Costa Rica: Day 1

Kyra and I finally had a honeymoon! We went to Costa Rica about a month ago, for a whole week. We visits the Arenal volcano, and stayed at the nearby lodge, in the middle of a rainforest. For the next few days, I'm going to be posting my journal entries from our trip.

Aug 9, 2014 - Sabado

5:55 am flight to Atlanta. We took a taxi to the airport. There we saw one of my former coworkers and his family. The flight was ordinary. We had little time in Atlanta since I change it to a short connection, thinking it was better. In the end, it was.

We arrived in San Jose in the afternoon, then took a short ride to the hotel, Grano de Oro (grain of gold). It is a gorgeous hotel. It used to be a mansion, refurbished into a hotel.

We at at a small, local restaurant: anchovy pizza. It was what Kyra wanted. But it was good.

We napped after lunch. It rained while we were laying down. It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I awoke to the sound of people singing. There is a church nearby the hotel, and mass was ongoing. Kyra woke and we tried to find the church (iglesia), without luck.

Instead we went to the jacuzzi in the hotel. While there, it started to rain again. It felt great: warm water with cool raindrops.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, one of the best in Costa Rica. Excellent food. Such a beautiful hotel!

Bubble Boy and Cooking

On Labor Day, Kyra was sick, so Luca and I spent quite a bit of time together. At one point, we decided to go play with bubbles outside.

Luca told me he was getting bubbles in his eyes in the last shot. Oops.

Since Kyra was sick, I did the cooking. Who said I can't cook?

We also made lunch for Luca's first day of school!

Luca picked out what to have for lunch. He went shopping with Kyra a few days ago, and picked out salad, dried fruit, prunes (ew!), and apple sauce. I threw in some veggie straws, a mandarin orange, and a cheese wheel just in case.

More about his first day of school later!

Luca and Journey

Luca has been very creative lately.

A few weeks ago, we all played a video game called Journey. It's a gorgeous game, featuring a robed character traveling through a desert and mountain.

Once we finished the game (twice, actually), Luca decided to make a "Journey" book. Here's the cover:

From left-to-right, we have the main character, who was dressed in a red robe; a tall character in a white rob; and the mountain peaks, seen in the distance for about two-thirds of the game.

He made an entire book, and he can explain all the details on each page. It's fascinating how creative he is, as well as inspired by the game.

Ren Faire 2014

A few weekends ago, we attended the Renaissance Faire in Bristol, during the "Steampunk Invasion" weekend.

Steampunk... how to describe it. Well, Wikipedia has a great article: Steampunk. At the least, you should know that it's a certain style of dressing that emphasizes a combination of gears, steam-related machinery, and Victorian or "Wild West" clothing. It's an interesting style, to say the least.

Kyra decided to make a hat, and wear a skirt and corset.

Luca and I didn't do anything very fancy:

Kyra got a lot of (random) compliments on her hat.

It was a great day. We saw the two swordsman, fencing and "teaching gentlemanly behavior", as well as the main jousting event.

Luca has been telling everyone about the joust where one of the knights pierced the other knight's shield with his lance. It was pretty cool.

There was also a children's adventure, and they had to help Little Red Riding Hood. Other fairy tale characters made appearances, too.

At the end, he won some "treasure". When he got the treasure, he made this evil-sounding MWA-HA-HA laugh, while holding the treasure up in one hand and the other in the air. Very dramatic. I asked him to do it again, and I got this:

With a little more egging to do what he did before:

Not quite the same. I should have had a video camera!

All in all, it was a great day, and I'm glad we finally got out to the Faire with Luca again. He was too young to remember it the first time.