Father-Son Day

Back in November last year, Luca had a day off, so I took the day off to spend it with him. We didn't do too much, but it was a good day.

We decided to start the day by going on a hike at a park in Middleton. It's just outside of town, and there was a large hill to climb. Luca is a very physical kid, so he was excited about it. Additionally, I figured he would sleep better if we burned some energy.

We arrived and started hiking toward the big hill. It was a quite a way from the parking lot we selected, but it was rather nice so it was worth the walk.

Once we got to the top of the hill, we read some signs and found out that there are Native American burial mounds around and on the hill. It seemed like they were working on clearing the brush from some of them, so we found a couple and walked around them.

We started heading down the other side of the hill, but found that a neighboring pig farm was rather stinky, so we decided to head back to the car. It would be about lunch time anyway by the time we got back. Back on top, I snapped a few pics:

Here you can see the river running by the park.

I was hoping to go to a certain cafe for lunch, but it had closed down. So we went to Hubbard's, and we had lunch at the counter. It's kind of odd eating with Luca at the counter - not sure why. We had pie and had a good conversation.

Then it was off to home for a nap. After that, we played Minecraft for an hour or two - why not? It's a day off - take a break!

Then it was back to the usual routine of dinner, family time, and bedtime.

Overall it was a good day. Thanks for sharing it with me, Luca!

Growing Up Fast in 2016, Part 3

Here's the final set of photos featuring Astrid's growth, from July and August.

Part 1
Part 2

Here's another from Olbrich, in the flowers.

Spaceman Spiff (with a dress)!

Nana with the kids at the bears at Olbrich.

Again with the skirt and one of her favorite things: a book.

We went to the Renaissance Fair in Bristol. I should write about that, too.

Astrid was a fairy, of course, and Luca was a goblin or orc. Kyra was beautiful, and I was weird. As usual.

Here's Astrid reading. Poor baby doll, getting left on the window sill like that.

And here she is outside enjoying the warm, late summer weather.

I haven't had a chance to review photos from September to now. I feel like she's come to a milestone, and is really growing taller for the most part. Her face hasn't changed quite as much since the last photo her, other than her hair getting a lot longer.

I know 2016 was tough for a lot of people, but these last few posts show that there were good things going on, you just have to look in the right place. I'll (try to) remember 2016 as a good year of growth for our kids, Astrid especially.

Growing Up Fast in 2016, Part 2

Continuing on from the last post, here are some photos from May and June in 2016.

Growing up in Olbrich, with those beautiful white flowers in the trees.

with Luca and Mama.

Some good reading time with "Cuca"... with a classic Astrid "smile".

Dirt baby.

We were moving dirt, and just couldn't keep her out of it.

And here are Luca and Astrid taking care of the baby (doll).

A pic from Father-Daughter Day. We're in the back of the car, of all places. I think I was getting something, and she wanted to get in.

And another with Luca while at Nana's.

She's definitely getting taller, and her face is changing.

Stay tuned for one more set of photos!

Growing Up Fast in 2016, Part 1

Astrid grew up quite a bit in 2016. Over the next couple of days, I'm going to write a few posts about her growth.

Eating some yogurt.

Crafting with ribbon paper.

Playing in the old tires.

Walking outside with the blue elephant.

In pajamas on the couch.

With Grandma Teresa on Astrid's birthday!

First birthday cake!

Having fun at the party!

These photos are from March to April, and she grew so much just in 1 month! Getting to 1 year old really was a big difference.

More to come!

We Haz Cat

A couple of months ago, we got a new cat.

We named her Renee.

Initially, we had some problems. She was having digestive problems, and we really didn't want to deal with another sick cat. But they went away once she got use to the new place. Additionally, I thought I had developed an allergy. I was sneezing and my eyes were red. That resolved, too, after we changed the litter and set up an air purifier.

Now, she's a part of the family. Astrid can't pronounce Renee, so she calls her Nee-Nee (nay-nay). Renee is a bit skittish, preferring to be around people who aren't overly excited. She flees whenever she feels the energy is too much. She's a big whiner when it comes to meal time. She's very snuggly, especially in the evening.

Welcome to the family!