We've developed some nicknames for our little cutie, Astrid.

Oh really? I'm listening!
Here are a few:
  • Asteroid
  • Asterism (part of a constellation, like the Big Dipper)
  • Squeaker (she made lots of squeaky sounds early on)
  • Beautiful
  • Lovely Lady
  • Peanut
  • Little Bean
  • Booger (more specifically, "My Booger" spoken exclusively by Kyra)
  • Stink-topus (another name by Kyra)
  • Id (Aster-Id, you know, since she's an Id...)
I must mention that I find it awesome that she shares part of her name with part of the name of one of my favorite fields in science: Astronomy! And all sorts of related things! Like Asteroids!

I'm not sure if the name Astrid and the root word aster- are related, but aster- means "star" (reference), which is close to the meaning of the name Astrid, "divine strength" or more paganly "heavenly strength". As noted on Wiktionary, Astrid is derived from an Old Norse name, Ástríðr. The name has two parts, either ást ("love, joy") or áss ("deity") and fríðr ("beautiful").

Astrid certainly is a "beautiful joy", that's for sure, no matter what we call her!

For a trip down memory lane, here's the same topic about Luca: Luca's Nicknames.

Dear Astrid, Letter 1

Dear Astrid,

We had our first dances today. You were entranced by the silly music on the clock. I thought it would help you overcome your hiccups, or at least distract you while they went away.

As we danced, you laid your head on my chest. I hope we have many more dances just like that. I love you!

-- Chris

Happy Birthday, Petunia

We miss you, and we love you. Hope you have a good day!

Birth Announcement

Name: Astrid Rose

Date: April 28, 2015
Time: 3:14 AM

Gender: Female
Weight: 7 pounds, 11 ounces
Length: 20 inches

Welcome to the world!

Heartbeats 2

We had an ultrasound earlier this week and found that she is a normal size, if maybe a little small. Here's a new playlist of the heartbeats:

Kyra mentioned that we didn't have many pictures of her pregnant. Here's one.

We were at the symphony, probably the last one for a long time.

Looking forward to meeting you little one!