Pachelbel’s Canon and Fur Elise

Could two pieces of music be played so much to drive one mad? I hear more bad versions of Pachelbel's Canon and Fur Elise than I can tolerate! Luca's toys each have an irritating version of Fur Elise, one with a rock beat! Terrible!

At any rate, this video is similar to my experience with the far-too-overplayed Pachelbel's Canon. Enjoy!

Oh, and for the love of god, please stop buying my son devices that perform Fur Elise! Have mercy on my ears!


Ms Future PharmD said...

On Linnea's Christmas list we put a "wants" section and a "does not want" section, and under the latter we put "toys that play annoying synthesized music." She loves music, but I am unwilling to listen to any given song badly synthesized for a half hour at a time. Banging pots and pans is slightly more bearable.

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