Two Good

Luca is two months old, a bit over actually, but I wanted to post after he got his two month checkup and give everyone his new stats:

Head: 41.5 cm (82nd percentile)
Length: 25" (97th percentile)
and drum roll please...
Weight: 16 lbs (99th percentile)! That's the size of an average four month old, by the way. Can we say gargantu-baby?

Other than that he is doing great. Chris and I are having a lot of fun with him. Luca is now smiling, cooing, and even giggling on occasion. He loves it when Chris comes home and "talks" to him, he just lights up with smiles. Luca is turning into a very social baby!

He really likes his overhead gym and now can get the music to play all by himself. He isn't really into many other toys as he isn't quite reaching for things yet. Once in a while when a rattle is right by his hands he tries to manipulate his fingers to hold it, but I think it will take a bit longer till he gets the muscle control to reach and grasp. He still does the flailing arm thing. Other milestones include holding his head up for about a minute when placed on his tummy (which he HATES!) or carried upright, and his acceptance (though not total enjoyment) of bath time.

Sleeping is going ok. He only wakes up once or twice during the night (once we finally get him to sleep that is) so I can't really complain. Chris and I swaddle him in a SwaddleMe generously gifted to us by our friend Marie, and it has helped immensely. Because of his constantly moving arms he will often wake himself up by hitting or sometimes scratching himself in the face if not swaddled. But he is getting rather big for his current swaddle, so we are going to try out the "Miracle Blanket" which got rave reviews on (one woman claimed her son slept through the night instantly). I'll let you know how it works.

I'm doing well despite a rash of plugged ducts, which I am now taking a fat emulsifier to combat. Apparently my milk has a high fat content, which can make me more susceptible to plugged ducts. Does that mean I'm full of fat? I suppose its better than other things I could be full of...

More updates next month!


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