Reception Videos

I've finally finished editing and uploading the videos from the reception. My sister recorded a lot of the reception video, and she decided to turn the camera on its side, which is why some of the videos look strange. I had to use software to turn them, and the video appears distorted.

Here are two clips of us cutting the cake, with a clip at the end from a different angle recorded by a friend. Both show how ignorant I was of wedding protocol. I didn't properly stuff my wife's face with cake.

Here is a clip of the speeches made at the reception, including a speech by my dad, me (regarding our baby), Kyra's dad, and my brother (the best man), interspersed with two clips of Kyra and me kissing (one with cups on our heads). We didn't ask anyone to speak, but my parents had a speech planned, and Kyra's dad and Kenny made impromptu speeches. All of three were thoughtful and caring. Thanks guys!

Here are two clips of our first and second dance. We told our friends to join us at a certain point during the first dance. No one was dancing during the second dance, so we had the floor to ourselves. It wasn't intended that way, but that's what happened. Instead of a traditional waltz for a first dance, we danced a night club two-step. The second dance was a rumba.

Kyra really wanted her family to learn to do a samba line dance, so we played a typical samba line dance tune and recruited family and friends to dance. Here's a clip of the dance.


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