Album, Shower, and Heartbeat Sample

Chris and I finally managed to get (most of) our photos into album form, which we're quite proud of. Unfortunately, we printed more photos than our album has room for, which wouldn't be a problem if the people at Target had brains. They sell an expandable album but not the pages with which one can expand it. Lovely. I swear its a racket to get you to buy more albums.

Chris and I had another uneventful midwife appointment. At this point our appointments take about five minutes and consist of:

"So, how's it going?"




"Great, come back in four weeks."

Most boring pregnancy ever. Not that I'm complaining, I'm well aware of the alternative. And I know it only gets more interesting from here.

Here is the newest sample of our baby's heartbeat:

So last Sunday we were supposed to go "swimming" with Carla. When this little outing was proposed I wasn't the least bit suspicious. Why should I be? It was hot, Carla had access to a pool, and I had a cute maternity bathing suit. Makes sense right? Swimming, however, was only a pretext for something far more sinister: a surprise baby shower. (Ok, so it wasn't sinister in the least, it was actually really lovely, but I'm pleased I have the opportunity to used the phrase "something far more sinister". It sounds so dramatic.) And I was completely oblivious. I even walked into the entryway of the pool house, which Carla had decorated with blue "Its a Boy" balloons and thought, "Oh, someone must be having a baby shower." Then I saw all my friends and realized, "Hey, I'm having a baby shower!" I was speechless. Close to tears, in fact. My first question, however, was "Can we still go swimming?" which I think was perfectly logical. Like I said, it was hot and I had a cute maternity bathing suit.

Carla got us a diaper cake, which I think is just adorable.

She also got us books, as did everyone else. Apparently this was to be a "literary" baby shower, which explained why previous to the shower Chris had actively thwarted my attempts to shop for baby books. It was a lot of fun, and I just want to say THANK YOU!!! again to everyone who came and/or planned.


Ms Future PharmD said...

Enjoy the boring pregnancy! I'm hoping for one of those the next time around. Glad you had a ood time at the surprise shower too!

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