Final Class and Job Search Update

We had our final baby class tonight. It was about breastfeeding and pumping. We received a certificate that says we completed the course. I'm not sure if that qualifies us to be parents now, but the class did provide some good pointers about late pregnancy, delivery, and early infant care. I feel comfortable bringing a baby home, although there are a lot of things I'm sure I'll need to learn or review. The class at least makes you feel a little more informed. (Thanks Carla!)

I brought some business cards with our journal address and email address for the other students, so I hope we have some new readers soon! I'm not sure if anyone took any, but I left a handful at class, so they should end up somewhere... If you are from our class, welcome to our journal!

I'm still looking for a job, and it's going well. I had three sets of interviews for a position with a health care company, and I have two upcoming interviews--one with an online survey software company and another with a mental health institute.

The interviews with the health care company started with a human resources person, then with a manager, and ended with a series of interviews over the course of 2.5 hours with an analyst, two members of upper management, two managers, and the HR person. Thursday I am going to meet the department for a lunch meeting, which I hope is a good sign. The position is for an analyst of health care data, and I would be analyzing data to discover trends about costs and effectiveness, while answering all sorts of other questions about health care trends.

Tomorrow (Monday), the interview with the survey company will be much shorter with the hiring manager. I like what I've read about the company so far--it sounds interesting, complex, and successful. This interview is for a survey analyst position, and I would be designing surveys with customer input and analyzing data from the surveys. The final interview is Tuesday for a psychometrist position. Basically, I would be administering assessments to patients with psychological disorders. The job is located in eastern Wisconsin, which does not sound attractive. Nonetheless, I'll be going through with the interview anyway.

I'm not sure which position, if I received all three offers, I would accept. I think I'm leaning toward the survey analyst position, as it sounds as if the company is flexible with work time and work-at-home possibilities. It is a private company as well, so it may be very successful and offer the potential for growth. At any rate, who knows what will happen. Wish me luck!


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