The Baby’s Heartbeat, Sample 4; Sleepy Photos; and Odd Videos

We had another uneventful appointment with the midwife group today (Wednesday), and we obtained another healthy heartbeat sample. One bit of good news is that the baby is positioned with his head down. That will make delivery much easier!

Kyra hasn't been feeling well, as it appears she may have contracted yet another cold from the pre-school children she works with. The baby seems to be pushing, kicking, or punching the same internal structure over and over again, causing constant, sharp pain for Kyra. Fortunately, it is just annoying and no threat to her or the baby's health, except for the sleep deprivation it causes both of us (her more than me, obviously).

A while ago, Kyra, Carla, and I went to a Chinese festival at the capitol. Afterward, both Kyra and Carla were very tired. We went to our apartment, and I was playing piano for them. I turned around, and found that they had fallen asleep! I decided that it was just too cute to not photograph, so here are the pictures:

Perhaps they will be embarrassed by these photos. Honestly, though, it's just too cute, isn't it? : ) It's funny seeing Kyra without the significant pregnancy bump she has now. It's remarkable how much the little guy has grown!

I was reading some news online and encountered some interesting videos. Here is a list and what they are about:
Upcoming entries:
  • More amusing sayings from pre-schoolers
  • An entry from Kyra about the pregnancy class and perhaps today's appointment (if she feels better soon)
  • Assorted wedding/marriage humor
  • "A Framework for Love" - an entry about my views on what love is, which I've been thinking about for years and writing since April/May


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