Preschool Streaker

Ok, so thanks to my lovely children being the little germ factories that they are, I have a cold. Again. I had to miss yoga cause I was too fricking tired to drag my butt to willy street. :( I'm sure my hips will be complaining withing the next few days. And its 90 degrees. And our air conditioner only cools about six inches in front of it. And my darling teddy bear keeps kicking me in my stomach to the extent that I get horrible stabbing pains in my side. Apparently he resents the fact that I need to, you know, sleep. Ugh to life.

On a more positive note, I wanted to share an amusing event that happened at school today. Over the past two weeks, two of my kids have been taking swimming lessons at the local pool. They have to be dressed and ready to go promptly at 10am to make lessons by 10:15. This morning, however, they had piano lessons as well which complicated matters. And by 9:55, one of my little boys wasn't ready to go. All of a sudden I see him streak, completely naked, past the class room. Thirty seconds later he streaks back, still naked. All I can surmise is he dropped trow right by the door, where his swim bag was, then suddenly discovered he didn't have his trunks and went searching for them "au natural". I laughed so hard I couldn't go on with class. Thankfully, all the other kids had their backs to the door, and the only other disruption to class was my children asking me what was so funny. I wasn't about to tell them.

It's events like this that almost make the constant germiness worth it. Almost.


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