More Wedding Videos and Photos

Update: I just uploaded a TON of photos. See the slideshow at the bottom or go to this album.

In contrast to my previous experience with Google Video, this time uploading videos went very smoothly, and the videos appeared instantly after being uploaded. (Which makes me wonder: Did Google review the content? If so, how did they do it so quickly?)

At any rate, new videos are available!
  • License Signatures - Signing the wedding license with the witnesses and officiant.
  • Wedding Ceremony Guests - Everyone gathering for our wedding, and a little bit after the wedding.
  • Our Wedding Ceremony - Here is a link to the video I posted earlier.
  • Cutting the Cake - Our friend Holly shot this video of us cutting the cake. I will be uploading additional video clips of the reception soon.
  • Update: Assorted Photos - Photos from Carla, Megan S., Holly, and the professional photographer, Roxy.


Chris said...

By the way, the end of the officiants story was something like this: The guy refused to sign the wedding license, saying that he didn't want to be married. The officiant asked what happened, and he said, "It's what didn't happen."

I'm not sure why that was cut off on the video. He also told me a story about the movie Wedding Singer and the main character was abandoned at the alter. Of course, he was telling me this while we were waiting for Kyra, who was a bit late! I don't know why he told me that! It didn't help!

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