Amusing Things Said by Preschoolers

Chris gets on my case sometimes because I don't write on the blog nearly as much as he does. In my defense I would like to point out that, unlike him, sitting in front of a computer is not part of my job description. However, I do feel guilty that I don't contribute as much as he does, hence the following post titled "Amusing Things Said by Preschoolers"

"Teacher, can we play tennis inside?"
My classroom is the size of an average living room. My response: "Hmm, let me think...ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

"I don't have a baby in my tummy--I have peas and corn!"
Even more amusing as it was said by one of my little boys.

"I have a tummy ache because I didn't poop when I was in Hawaii."
Yeah, I didn't quite make the connection on that on either.

"Teacher, do you know why you're getting fat? Because you have a baby in your tummy!"
I hope someone teaches this little boy a bit more tact before he starts dating.

I will post more as I get more material. And as I am around kids eight hours a day, I am sure there will be more material.


Chris said...

Here are some more amusing things said by preschoolers that Kyra never got around to publishing:

"My mom's bed is so big that my dad can sleep in it!"

"A potato is round and it spins and there's lots of wind and we have to go in the basement!"

I think the last kid was talking about a "tornado."

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