Funny Quote from Work

Here's a funny quote I read at work today (emphasis added):
Online courses provide scheduling flexibility to students facing scheduling conflicts. Also, they afford opportunities to at-risk students, elite athletes and performers, dropouts, migrant youth, pregnant or incarcerated students, and students who are homebound due to illness or injury or homeschooled, allowing them to study outside the classroom. (Watson, 2007)
Why on earth would a researcher link pregnant and incarcerated students? I realize it says "or," but it's still just a bit strange to grammatically combine these two types of students.


Scott and Stefanie said...

Thanks for your comments. The count down clock is one of many gadgets you can get for your website.
I believe Zoho does have an online office suite, but I thought it would keep things simpler just using google stuff with one login. I have not tried the notebook thing, but I will have to look into it. Congrats on becoming a dad.

Chris said...

Thanks! :)

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