On Being in Love

On January 4th, I posted a note in Facebook about a question I asked Kyra, including her response. Here is a copy of the note:

I was asked, "How has it changed your life?" She, thinking for a day after asked, responded:
"Being in love is a wonderful sense of uniqueness. It is the feeling that you are experiencing something no one else has ever experienced, or at least not as intensely, not as deeply. At the same time, the world seems to share with you that feeling, that joy. The unpleasant becomes affable; the snide remark takes on a gentle, even humorous tone. Those insurmountable obstacles become pebbles in the road, because what really matters stands right in front of you, with open arms and a crooked smile.

"Being in love feels at once so wondrously connected and alive, and at the same time so secret and intimate, like the unexplained smile that appears from time to time as you lose yourself in some joyous contemplation. At times, it seems that the world spins around you, and while connected to it you are not part of it. You have somehow been separated, set free, allowed to float above the mundane troubles and travails of daily existence. Such a lovely dichotomy, the separateness and connection.

"Finally being in love is the desire to sink so deeply into another being that time itself stop dead, and all that exists is the two of you, for that moment, forever."


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