Gift from Work

On Tuesday, my company planned on moving our department from one area to another in the office space we rent. The new area is brighter, with more sunlight from the nearby windows. Our cubicles are also no longer facing inward, with the opening toward each other, but outward, with the openings away from each other. This eliminates the "fish bowl" effect--the feeling that others are watching you from across the way.

When I got to work today, I found a large gift bag on my chair. My cube was a mess from moving, with boxes all over and everything in pieces lying on the desk. I cheerfully opened the present, pleasantly surprised that my co-workers would get us a gift. The gift included two gifts we already received--a nice blender and a set of kitchen utensils. Fortunately, the other set we received included a gift receipt, so we can return them and get something else. We were planning on returning the kitchen utensil set since we had so much from Pampered Chef, but it looks like we'll have to keep at least one now. The gift also included a set of two knives, which I do not believe we received yet.

It was very pleasant to receive a gift from my co-workers. It brightened my day. The new arrangement will take some getting used to, but it's starting to feel better already.


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