Wedding, Yoga, and Grieg

Ok, so I don't really believe in breaking up posts to talk about different topics at different places. Mainly its because I so rarely get the time or inclination to post. So once again this will be another "everything at once" post.

Being as this is the first chance I've had to write since the wedding, I'll start there. The wedding was, for lack of a better word, perfect. The weather was perfect: not too warm, not too cold, sunny. The garden was perfect, birds singing and flowers blooming. My dress was perfect, even as I was being sewn into it in the dressing room right before the ceremony. My groom was perfect. And of course, I was perfect. Seriously though, it was really beautiful. I am still amazed at how wonderful it was.

On to the pregnancy. This week I started prenatal yoga, which I really enjoyed. Not only is it a great way for me to get some much needed exercise, it was really comforting to hear a bunch of pregnant women come together and talk about their own experiences. And for the first half an hour, all we did was talk. We went around introduced ourselves, how far along we were, and any pains or concerns we had about the pregnancy. A few of the women were earlier in their pregnancy than me, many were later. There was even a woman who was there on her due date! It was nice to hear from the women for whom this was their second or even third pregnancy. Everyone was very low key, like pregnancy was no big deal. And the instructor was super knowledgeable. The instructor kept saying things like, "Don't worry, your body will adjust to these changes," or "Don't worry, your baby will know when its time to come out." It just made me feel great about being pregnant, like it's all a beautiful, healthy, natural part of the female life cycle. And as I looked at all the bellies in the room, and slowly realized I had one of the smallest, it dawned on me: I really am going to get bigger.

As for my own pregnancy, according to my book, he now weighs about a pound and is about the size of a small doll. He is also kicking like crazy. He especially likes to kick THE MINUTE I LAY DOWN. He likes when dad reads to him. And this morning we tried the headphones-on-the-belly thing (Edvard Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor). He must have really liked that--it was the most active he has been in one sitting. Chris kept worrying it might be too loud for him. It's sweet he worries about our son, even before he is born!


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