Busy busy busy

What a busy weekend! We've been so busy, we haven't had a chance to post anything...

Last Thursday, Kyra left on a Greyhound bus to Minnesota with her grandmother's wedding dress. I was worried about her being alone on the bus, but she made it to Minnesota just fine. I heard it was a cold night. That night, and the night after, I missed her sorely. Friday night I went to the UWMBDA dance, although parking was terrible and I didn't feel like going without Kyra. I felt extremely out-of-place without her. Even though we dance with other people when we attend, it just didn't feel right without her around.

I left for Minnesota Saturday morning with my brother Kenny's truck. I went to pick up Kyra and Kyra's mother's queen-size bed. Kyra hasn't been sleeping well on my bed, so we decided to ask her mother for her bed that's been sitting in storage. It's bigger than mine and has a pillow top. I have yet to decide if it's more comfortable... (We didn't sleep too well last night, but Kyra has been very uncomfortable during the first trimester, and it may just be that.)

Kyra went to Minnesota to deliver the wedding dress for her mother to modify and to work on curriculum. Her mother, Linda, is a former teacher, so she has a wealth of experience to share with Kyra in terms of curricula, materials, and child psychology. I arrived after they fitted Kyra with the dress, and here's a preliminary photo of what the dress looks like. Mind you, it will be modified quite a bit to allow for Kyra's expanding waistline using an empire waist, or as Linda said "umpire" waist. (She apparently thought it had something to do with baseball!)

We were staying at Linda's first husband Valdi's house. He has a nice place, although a bit out of the way. We did some work Saturday afternoon, had dinner, and watched a movie. Sunday, we went to Kyra's grandma's house and "played reversed Tetris" with Linda's stuff in the basement bedroom, trying to get the mattress and box out. (We had to move things out of and around in the room to get to them. In that sense it was like Tetris, but in reverse.) We headed home as soon as we got Kirby some food. (This is one of my nicknames for Kyra, since she eats a lot without seeming to get full. Like Kirby or the less-popular-to-Kyra Yoshi. Another nickname is "my little incubator," since she gets really warm.)


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