Kyra and I went to the UWMBDA dance on Saturday night, and we were able to stay for the entire night, which is unusual since she became pregnant. She usually gets too tired, and we leave early. We stayed late into the evening, leaving when she started to get hungry. (She was craving a McDonald's hamburger or two.)

Starting that night, her hip started to hurt. We slept terribly Saturday night with Kyra tossing and turning from the pain. We woke up early Sunday morning because the power went out and the alarm on my UPS battery backup for my computer went off. I tried to figure out if a breaker in the apartment or in the complex tripped, but I couldn't find anything. We got up, had breakfast, and waited for the power to come back on. Mid-morning, we decided that we really hadn't had enough sleep, so we went back to bed.

Upon waking at 3:00 pm, we both felt groggy. I had a headache the rest of the day, and Kyra was in pain from her hip. We think she pinched a nerve, perhaps the sciatic nerve. We didn't do much that day, and Kyra stayed home on Monday. She didn't go to dance class either, which is rare even with all of the "morning" sickness she's been having. (It's more like "all-day" sickness, or "feed me, feed me, Seymour" sickness. She needs to eat to keep it at bay. The new variation is "ugh, now I'm full" sickness.)

We're going a little batty (well, at least I am) trying to plan this wedding in under six months. We've considered catering, locations, tents, dance floors, and on and on. We're probably having the reception at Kyra's aunt and uncles house, but I have my doubts about the capacity. So we're thinking about a tent. Then there's food. So far, Cousins has been the cheapest option. I'm okay with sandwiches at a lunch reception. We'll have other finger food, too. Anyway, time for bed. G'night!


Carla said...

Sorry I missed you guys at UWMBDA - I was in Milwaukee! Hope you can come again this week!!! If you can't, let me know and I can check out early and come watch a movie or something :-)

P.S. I get emails when Kyra updates, but not when you do, Chris.

Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

So we're eating our cousins for the wedding? lol

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