Weekend Announcements

Over the weekend we announced to our engagement to our families. Kyra's grandma had a birthday party on Saturday, so we announced it to her family there. She also announced her new job and the pregnancy. Her family was ecstatic and very welcoming. On Sunday, we went to have dinner with my family in Blanchardville. My family was happy, too, but with my mom being ill I think it hampered the good news a little. We told them about the engagement and the new job, but not the pregnancy. I don't want to stress my parents out any more than they are with my mom's illness going on at the same time, so I'm waiting until the end of the first trimester to tell them (April). Perhaps I'll try to pass it off as an April Fool's joke. Hee hee... :D

Overall the weekend was a bit stressful, although more of a happy stress, or eustress, if you will. We were excited to tell everyone and happy to receive congratulations, but we were also wondering how people were going to react, so the anticipation was a bit stressful. And just coming up with what to say and when was a bit stressful, too. We still haven't told our dance friends (except our dear friend Carla). Then I have to tell my family that Kyra is pregnant yet, too...

Adding to the stress, we found out there was a conflict in my family with May 25th. Unbeknownst to me, two of my cousins are having graduation parties on the 25th. Kyra had sent in the contract for Olbrich yesterday (Monday), sending us in to a bit of a panic as to what to do. Fortunately, the Olbrich staff allowed us to switch dates. At first we considered the week before, but that was out of the question with the UW-Madison graduation the same weekend. The 24th was open, so although there was another conflict, it was a much smaller one, and more of my family should be able to make it.

I really wish my extended family had told us about the party earlier, then we wouldn't have made plans for that day at all. It's Kyra's birthday, so we thought it would be neat to have it on that day. The day is also pretty much in the middle of her pregnancy, too. I keep trying to get my family to communicate with each other more, using tools like email or web journals, to communicate quickly and openly with one another. They just don't seem to want to do it. For me in Madison, that makes it hard to hear about what's going on.

The date is set for May 24th at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, probably at 9:30 am, and we have six people in the wedding: Me, Kyra, my brother Kenny (Best Man), my cousin Ben (Groomsman), Kyra's friend Megan (Maid of Honor), and Kyra's sister Sabrina (Bridesmaid). Kyra and I will be working on invitations tonight, and I hope we can send them out later this week or next week. There are a lot of plans in the process already, and I hope we haven't forgotten anything (like hotel rooms for traveling family... oops!). We picked out music for the processional and recessional: a movement from a Handel "Water Works" symphonies, and a piece by Kriesler imitating the style of Vivaldi. We also decided to stick with Kyra's family tradition and wear leis from Hawai'i.

Stay tuned for more details!


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