Weeks 8 & 9: Attack of the Zombie

My pregnancy book likes comparing the baby to food items. Last week it was the size of a pinto bean. This week the baby will grow to the size of "a medium green olive". My uterus, it says should now be about the size of a grapefruit. So what I have is an pinto bean/olive in a grapefruit. Sounds like a salad to me.

The baby is starting to look more recognizable, with eyelids, fingers and toes forming more distinctly. The arms, neck, and legs are also longer. The baby looks something like this:

I have been exhausted and nauseous these past two weeks. If I don't eat every twenty minutes, I feel really sick. I also get really crabby when I get tired, which Chris can attest to. And I'm always tried. You can just imagine how Chris feels being around me. Everyone keeps telling me "Oh it'll get better, in a few weeks you'll feel great." I hope they're right. I just don't see any proof of it at the moment.

On the cravings side, I am definitely into the salty. I have discovered that, strangely, Frito's help my nausea. Really bad, I know, but I'm into whatever works at this point. And on those rare occasions when I'm not nauseous, I eat like a horse. I just about need to bring two lunches to work. In order to improve my diet, I'm going to go through my pregnancy nutrition book and pick out some recipes that sound good. I can't just eat chips for nine months (no matter how much I want to).


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