Appointment with a Nurse Midwife

Today Kyra had an appointment with the nurse midwife. I attended out of interest and to support Kyra. Most of it was like a regular appointment, except on top of a full body exam, Kyra had a pelvic exam and pap smear. The results of the exam and blood tests taken Tuesday were all normal. Kyra and the baby are both healthy. We tried to hear the heartbeat today, but since the baby's heart is only the size of the head of a pin, it was too difficult to find. The nurse midwife, Erika, a very comfortable person to be around, said while examining Kyra's ovaries, "This is definitely an inhabited uterus!"

By the way, I've now seen things most men probably never see, or are too afraid to see. "To boldly [look] where no man has [looked] before..."


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