Christmas 2015

We usually put our Christmas tree upstairs in the dining room, requiring the baby gate to be down and the table in the living room. With Astrid crawling about, that seemed like it would be annoying. So instead, we put the tree downstairs. It worked quite well, but had the side effect of not having very good light, resulting in poor picture quality.

Auntie Megan helped us put up the tree.

Poor picture quality aside, at least it was easier to manage keeping Astrid out of it. I bet our neighbors thought we were grinches with no tree, perhaps until I put up some paltry lights around our garage door. Then they probably thought I was low on Christmas spirit. Oh well!

We opened presents with my mom and sister on Christmas Eve. Kyra made a goose again (delicious!).

Astrid was quite a cute present! Best gift ever: A happy baby!

Auntie Megan gave us a plastic ball full of chocolate. I think we're going to glue it once it's empty to Astrid can play with it.

Luca wrote a note to Santa, saying, "Dear SaNta Claus I HoPe You Have a HaPPy Christmas. from: Luca To: Santa Claus". On Christmas Day, Luca found a reply from Santa, "Dear Luca, Merry Christmas! Thank you for the note! I hope you have fun today. -Santa  P.S. I ran out of wrapping, so I borrowed some of yours. Thanks!".

Astrid, with a look of shock, said, "These are all MINE?!"

Luca got a pokeball. Astrid got a book.

Grandpa Bill got Luca skateboard! Now he'll fit right in with all the neighborhood boys.

What a cool dude.

And yes, he's wearing a shirt with a Storm Trooper eating popcorn. Yep, that's a thing apparently.

Astrid received a sled from Nana. She's pretty excited about it here!

And it got some use pretty quickly, what with the near blizzard we had.

We got out after the New Year, too.

Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


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