Astrid Astrid Astrid

Wow, six months have passed! We've been so busy!

Spring was rapid. Astrid was born, Luca graduated Kindergarten, and we were off to summer in the blink of an eye.

Summer was INSANE. Once Kyra started work again, I had to drop off everyone else at three different locations, resulting in 2-2.5 hours of driving time every day except Tuesday. And I work from home! First we dropped Kyra off at work, then Luca at summer camp (which was a lot of fun), and finally Astrid at her daycare. There wasn't an opening at Kyra's new work - a daycare - so we had to wait until September until Astrid could go to school with her. This summer was a small taste of what many families must do every day, and we've been lucky to avoid such huge hassles.

Fall has slowed down a bit, but we're still breathless from the rapid summer season. It's November, and I'm trying to catch up on posting photos and videos from the summer. I haven't written anything about Luca's graduation or the start of 1st grade, the start of Astrid's new day care, or Luca's 7th birthday.

Astrid has been growing quite a bit! She's already learning the prerequisites to crawling and walking, like getting up on her hands and knees from tummy time and pulling herself up on things (with a bit of help). She's eating lots of different food, including some regular solids. For example, she seems to like bread! She's babbling a lot, and just like Luca, she says "Baba" quite well ("daddy" in Chinese). There are times when we think she may just mean it, too!

Here's a photo album with a few of the highlights:

Astrid in her Take-Home Outfit

Luca and Astrid

The Whole Family!

Tummy Time

Learning to Sit

Two Goons in a Chair

Flower Girls

Laundry Girl

Jumping Girl

Reading with Brother

Halloween Costume (Take-Home Redux)

Eating Bread
I'll be catching up with the photos and videos soon, along with some new (professional) family photos for the website. Stay tuned! (What does that even mean nowadays??)


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