Luca's Notes

Kyra and I went out for the evening last night, and Kyra's coworker Megan was babysitting. It sounded like Luca had a lot of fun with Megan, and there were a few notes left on the table.

One was a letter to Santa:

It reads:

I want a water gun. Give me a TV to watch in my car. I want a big huge dragon plane. That's all I want, OK?

From the elf
from Santa from Luca
The elf Luca is referring to was sent by Grandma Teresa. It's an elf doll that is keeping an eye on him to make sure he's listening. He'll report back to Santa just before Christmas. : )

The other note was a strange little recipe:

It reads:
"Luca's Best Cooking"

by Luca + Megan

1) eggs
2) oil
3) sprinkles
4) oranges
5) chocolate

Mix the eggs. Squeeze the oranges. Mix the oil into the eggs. Take four spoons of oranges in. Apples? No apples. Oh! Yogurt. Alright, that's all our ingredients.
I'm not sure what this makes, but he was talking about making a potion earlier today, and he said mama was going to show him how to make it.

Luca was quite proud of these notes. Thank you, Megan, (if you ever read this) for spending such quality time with him!


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