Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween, Luca was a Storm Trooper. We thought he wanted to be a robot, but once he saw this costume, he just had to wear it.

We have some darn cute photos of the other little one staying with us, but we can't post those online. Just ask in person!

For handing out candy, I threw on a poncho. When Luca got back from trick-or-treating with Kyra, I donned his Storm Trooper mask along with a pirate eye patch, to transform into a Cowboy Storm Trooper Pirate. Yaar, where's me blaster and steed!

We had a Halloween Party last weekend. It was quite a bit of fun. We had food, told spooky stories (no really!), and played Silent Hill 3.

Kyra dressed as a zombie prom queen.

I dressed as a silent-movie villain. I even scared Dan!

Elspeth was Baron Samedi, and Nick was an internet pirate.

We had some great food.

And a lot of laughter.

It was a good party. Thanks to everyone who attended!


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