Autumn Events in 2011

We've had quite a busy autumn! First, there was Luca's 3rd birthday, then apple picking, Halloween, a celebration of my first date with Kyra, and finally Thanksgiving at Dan's with our friends.

Here's a slide show and highlights:

Autumn 2011

Dan and Carla, LP and Nick on the Hay Ride

Baba and Luca on the Hay Ride

Luca and the Birthday Cake, with a Tractor!

Apple Picking

Apple Eatin'

Ready for a Date!

A Turkey at Dan's (wait, which one?!)
We still have more Thanksgiving parties to attend this week, so there might be more photos to post.

Kyra insists that we put up the Christmas tree next weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure I have the stomach for it, especially before my birthday! I'm already reeling from the Christmas music at the mall... Sheesh! If Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet, it's too early!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May you be warm and have lots of good food!

A big thank-you to Cassie, Mike, and Zea at Primrose Community Farm, who share their wonderful farm food with us during the year. We enjoyed the potatoes, mashed, for our Thanksgiving party!


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