Of A Few Weeks

Some time ago, Kyra and I decided to volunteer for a non-profit organization focused on reducing suicides, especially among veterans, which was started by a family friend. I've been helping with technical aspects, like getting a website up and running and setting up email based on the website. Kyra has been participating by helping design business cards, event planning, and volunteering. As a part of her volunteer work, she decided to go to a conference co-sponsored by the organization in Washington, DC. The conference intended to bring more awareness to the issue and included a march to the capitol, and it was held a couple of weeks ago.

The weekend and week prior to the event was an interesting one. Kyra spent a lot of time getting ready for the trip. On Thursday, the day before her flight, Luca got sick: he apparently threw up. Although there were a number of kids getting sick, it seemed like the reason he threw up was because he stuck his hand down his throat, possibly to get a leaf out that he had attempted to eat. On the same day, I had some family troubles to deal with, resulting in a long stressful day. The next day, Kyra left for her flight with the help of our friend LP (thank you!), and I stayed home with Luca, even though Luca appeared to be fine and that day was the last day I could get into the database at work since they were going to upgrade it. Fortunately, I was able to work from home for about half of the day and it turned out that although the upgrade took longer than usual, it was okay within a few days.

So Kyra left for DC and Luca and I spent the weekend together by ourselves. We went to swimming lessons, shopped for groceries, cleaned house, played at the park—all the usually family stuff. Saturday night, unfortunately, I broke out with an allergic reaction at about 11:30 pm, long after Luca had been asleep. I was very nervous about this since I was home alone, but I did the usual thing and took an anti-histamine and waited until the reaction subsided. I wasn't clear whether I was having breathing problems or not, and that's why I stayed up late. The next morning I was so groggy from the medicine that, after breakfast, I went back to bed and let Luca play with the baby monitor on (yes, I made sure everything was safe first). He woke me up a couple of hours later yelling, "Baba! I went poop!". Eventually we figured out that I'm allergic to limes. Not the insides, however, just the peel!

Later Sunday morning we had brunch at Nick and LP's, which I was very grateful for after the night I had. And we finally watched Cars from beginning to end. Sunday night, Luca and I had to pick up Kyra from the airport, and I thought it would be fun to go star gazing beforehand, since we needed to stay up late. We went out of the city a little way and looked at the moon with binoculars. We saw a few stars, but there really was too much light pollution to see very well. Eventually we went over to the airport and watched planes land while we waited for Kyra's plane. Other than the allergic reaction, Luca and I had a really good weekend together.

Then it was quickly back to work, with barely any time to adjust from the weekend. The next weekend I saw Tammy Baldwin speak about health care reform, and Kyra and I attended the first Madison Symphony Orchestra concert of the season (with Andre Watts!). On another weekend, we attended our community farm's barn party, which was great fun, with good food, good people, and good music. The weekend after that Kyra and Luca went to the Twin Cities to visit family, while I stayed home and completed "spring" cleaning. (Boy, that was way overdue!) While there, they had a birthday party for Luca since Kyra's family won't be able to make it to the party here. They had a special royal theme, and if you want to see photos of the event, you'll have to ask!

Next week is Luca's 3rd birthday, and both Kyra and I are taking the day off to spend with him. Then we'll have the party with a hay ride and smores the day after. Halloween will be soon, and it seems like Thanksgiving his heading at us like a freight train. It's been a crazy, busy summer and fall, with lots of excitement and stress, but I've spent it with some great people whom I love. Here's to a great summer!


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