On New Love and Married Love

Unfortunately, our friend Carla is in the hospital.  Fortunately, she will be "freed" this weekend.  Carla has frequently expressed to Chris and I how lonely a hospital stay can be, and is aways anxious to reconnect with friends on her release.  So she was excited when, lets call him WMIHL (wonderful man in her life), showed up unexpectedly at her bedside, driving all the way to the hospital after a full day of work, and stating he would stay with her and drive back to work (a substantial trip) the next day in the wee hours of the morning.  She was so excited, in fact, that she felt compelled to call Chris and I and tell us just how Wonderful WMIHL really was.  Later, a conversation between Chris and I ensued, which I think illustrates the difference between what we could call "New" and "Married" love.

Chris: "Really? he's going to drive [all that way] tomorrow morning before work?"
Kyra: "Oh come on!  They're in LOVE.  Don't you remember when we started dating and I stayed at your apartment until four a.m., and you drove me back home just so I could take a shower and get ready for work at six?  Back then we were sleep deprived by choice!"
Chris: "Yeah, but I don't remember feeling so tired..."
Kyra: "We were in love! We were running on edorphins!  Now we're just used to each other..."
Chris: "You're so mean!"
Kyra: "You know I'm kidding!"
Chris: "Well don't worry dear, there's no getting used to you..."

Thanks dear.  I love you too.


Ms Future PharmD said...

So true. I think we'd die if we stayed that goofy in love for too long from lots of hormones being way overdosed, but it's a good time while it lasts.

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