Late Winter Events

During the last week, Wisconsin has been in the news for protests in reaction to Governor Walker's new bill that would strip unions of the right to collectively bargain for benefits, wages, and other rights (e.g., overtime, weekends, working conditions...). I attended the protest briefly on Friday, but unfortunately could not attend any other events because of an illness going through our family. (Kyra had the early stages of pneumonia again.) Here are some photos and video of the event (note: you may want to turn the sound off on the video - it has bad audio):

To those down at the capitol: Please cheer on the unions for me!

Grandpa Bill got us a nifty new video camera that allows for easy transfer and upload of videos. Here are two videos in which we capture some of our winter activities. First, a video of Luca playing a new game we got him to help him learn how to play games by taking turns and following directions and rules. Second, a video of Luca and I playing hide-and-seek, in which I trick him to think I'm hiding under a blanket. Heh heh heh...

At school, and now at home since Kyra got out some dress-up clothes, Luca has been enjoying dressing up, in nothing other than dresses. It's another good inside activity during the winter months.

The first time I saw Luca at school in a dress, the teachers looked at me apprehensively, probably thinking I would be upset. Instead, I asked Luca if he wanted to dance since he was swaying back and forth to some music on the CD player. We danced for a few seconds, and then he wanted to take the dress off and go home.

I'm really not at all miffed by Luca wanting to wear dresses. I think it's sexist that guys can't wear dresses, but it's okay for women to wear jeans. Not that I would want to or would look good in a dress, but it's just unfair. I have a friend, Nat, who is brave enough to do so, and while it raised my eyebrows the first time I saw him wearing a skirt and heels (mostly because of the hairy legs - sorry Nat!), I really don't see why it's a problem. Who cares if he's wearing skirt? Let him and others like him do what they want. (By the way, as far as I can tell, Nat's straight, so it's not a "gay thing," and even if it were, it still wouldn't matter.)

I digress. This winter we also got to make one snowman. So far, at least. He's kind of sad looking, since we didn't really have the best packing snow.

One last video. Luca and I were bored one morning and decided to record some big words. Here's the list of words he said:
  • Galaxy
  • Nebula
  • Gravity
  • Molecule
  • Universe
  • Evolution
  • Oscillate
  • Rotate
  • Planet
  • Solar system
  • Higgs boson
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto, even though it's not a planet


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