A Night Out

Last night, Kyra and I had the pleasure of having a night out. First, we went out for hot chocolate. Kyra and I played a silly game where one person says a famous person's name and the other has to say another famous person's name, and the first name has to start with the first letter of the last name the other person said. We used to play this game when Kyra had trouble falling asleep. For example:

"George Clooney"
"Charles Dickens"

Then we went to a ballroom dance, hosted in part by our friend Carla. She performed an amusing dance in which Carla and Deborah, the dance company owner, kicked around and tied up Deborah's husband, Eric, to the tune "These Boots are Made for Walking." Later in the evening, Eric played the "Packer Polka," and introduced it by saying something like, "If you find the next tune offensive... SUCK IT."

Grandpa Bill watched Luca for us. Luca was very excited to see Grandpa Bill, and he wanted him to read to him and play games. This morning, the following conversation occurred:

Luca: "Where Granpa Bill?"
Me: "He went home."
Luca: "I get him."

He continued to whine about "getting" Grandpa Bill. I think it's because Grandpa Bill doesn't visits often enough, and Luca misses him.


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