Late Summer Family Events

Our friend Carla had an IV-free party in late August. It is an amazing accomplishment for her to go for a year without intravenous antibiotics for her lungs. We are so happy for her and proud of her! We didn't get any pictures of the party, but we did get some of Luca at the swings.

The next day, my brother, Kenny, had a family gathering to celebrate his wedding to Joana and wish him well on his tour of duty for the Army Reserves. We're not certain where he's going, but he'll be gone until next year. Congratulations on the wedding and we wish you a safe return!

Luca was interested in the kids climbing the tree...

Uncle Todd and his daughter (my cousin), Samantha (Sam)

Grandma Bea, Uncle Gary, and Aunt Laura

Back: Kenny, me, my sister Megan, and my dad Stewart
Front: Joana, Kyra, Luca, and my mom Teresa
The next weekend we traveled to the Twin Cities area to visit Kyra's sister (Sabrina), nieces (Liliana and Dalila), and mother (Nana). Liliana was having a birthday party in honor of her third birthday. We also spent time pretending to camp out in Nana's house. Liliana wore a special birthday princess dress:

Liliana' Princess Dress

We enjoyed spending time reading

Liliana's birthday cake with a castle perfect for a little princess

Our makeshift tent
We also read "Baily Goes Camping", which was extremely appropriate.

On the last day of our visit, we went out to eat for breakfast. There were these big statues of Peanuts characters, and Luca and Liliana seemed to like them. Luca was especially covetous of the cars at the feet of one of them (in the second photo).

Liliana was quite sad to see us go. She kept asking for us after we left. This was also the first trip in which I got to hold Dalila, and we really bonded. She's such a little cutie, and I think she needs a lot of attention. She would lean into my face for physical contact and enjoyed touching my face. I think my scruffy beard may have been ticklish. She is surprisingly strong, vocal, and independent. She played with Liliana and Luca, tumbling after them as fast as she could. I wish I could see both of them more often, like every other weekend...

On the way home, Luca was having fun playing with a map after Kyra tried to find us an alternate route when the traffic slowed to a stop.

When we finally got home, we were greeted by a silly cat named Mars. He likes the box now.

Silly cat
More photos from our late summer events: Late Summer 2010 Album


Chris said...

Carla posted the following comments in our online album.

About the picture of Luca in the swing with his foot sticking out:

"I love that smile - and I can't wait to be back in town to get a spectacular Luca Big Hug!!!"

About the picture of Kyra at the swings:

"Just FYI, my friend Sarah said at the party, 'Does Kyra just keep getting more and more beautiful?' And my answer was 'Yes.' You're GORGEOUS!!!"

About the picture of Luca and Liliana holding hands in front of the Peanuts character:

"Your family has the cutest kids in the world. No joke - look how beautiful Luca and Liliana are - and how adorable it is that they are holding hands!!!"

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