Milestones and Interesting Conversations

Last night, Luca sat on the potty reading books until he went number 2. We were so proud! Kyra went to get him a sticker, and while she was looking for one, Luca peed on the carpet.

This morning I thought he was going to repeat his behavior last night, so I sat with him in the bathroom reading books. We were reading an alphabet book with a robot in it. I held the robot up to my face and said, in my best robot voice, "I AM A ROBOT. WHO ARE YOU?" Luca responded, "Ooca!" ("Luca").

I inquired, "WHAT DO YOU LIKE?" Luca said, "Veggies!"

I continued, "WHAT ELSE DO YOU LIKE?"

Here are his responses:
  • "Pizza!"
  • "Soup!"
  • "Cookies!"
  • "Strawberries!"
Speaking of lists, here's another conversation that occurred the other day:
Me: I love you.
Luca: too [as in "I love you too"]
Me: Who else do you love? Do you love mama?
Luca: Mama!

Me: Do you love... Grandma?
Luca: Grandma!
Me: Do you love... Grandpa?
Luca: Grandpa!
Me: Do you love... Nana?
Luca: Nana!
Me: Do you love... Grandpa Bill?
Luca: Granpa Bill!

Me: Do you love... Megan?
Luca: Megan!
Me: Do you love... Kenny?
Luca: Kenny!
Me: Do you love... Sabrina?
Luca: 'brina!

Me: Who else do you love?
Luca: Emily!
Me: Really? Who else do you love?
Luca: Carla!


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