Sick Day

Luca is home sick today, and as a consequence, so am I (home that is, not sick). Just a fever, not strep (cross your fingers), and with a bit of Ibuprofen he's not doing too badly. He acts kinda funny when he gets sick though. One, he really doesn't want to eat. This is a complete 180 from the kid who is usually best described as an "easy keeper" (for those of you who haven't spent time around horses, that means "Put food in front of me and I'm happy!"). I got him up this morning and he ate a bit of banana, but really went to town with his milk. After refilling his cup for the second time, I asked him if he was "all done". He said "NO" (he's very good at "no" now), but then refused to drink it. He wanted instead to cuddle with it, the way he does with his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. I promptly removed it before we had a milk explosion on the couch. Luca cried big crocodile tears and acted as if I killed his best friend. He stood at the kitchen gate crying "MULK! MULK! MUUULLK!" It was quite amusing actually.

Luca also likes to read books when he's sick. Of course he has toddler ADD: he gets about three pages into a book then decides he's done and finds a new one. What we've been working is taking out one book at a time, rather than every single book on the book shelf. Then there are some books that, unless I hide them after I've read them a couple time, I will be reading nineteen times in a row. This morning it was an Elmo look-and-find that we've become obsessed with. With some of his books, especially ones we've read a lot, Luca has gotten into reading "by himself". It's quite cute to watch him babble incoherently as he turns the pages. But if I try to help him by turning the pages, or, god forbid, read the actual words on the page, he flips out and starts screaming.

Should be a quietly odd (or oddly quiet?) day.


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