My Family Loves Me!

Kyra had an idea for a book for Luca. Her niece, Lilianna, has a photo album with pictures of her family members, including those she does not see often. Since she looks through the album often, she remembers Kyra, Luca, and me by name. Kyra thought it would be great if we could make an album like that for Luca. I suggested looking online for a store that sells custom board books, and Kyra found My Custom Story. Here is the book we assembled and received just yesterday:

My Family Loves Me!

Mama and Baba Love Me

Grandma and Grandpa Love Me

Nana Loves Me

Grandpa Bill Loves Me

Autie Sabrina Loves Me

Auntie Megan Loves Me

Auntie Carla Loves Me

Uncle Kenny Loves Me

Lilianna and Dalila Love Me

I am Loved


The book turned out great! It's sturdy and the pictures are bright. Luca loves it!


Marion said...

Puts me in mind of a book I made for my grown kids. I matched pictures of them when they were little to appropriate nursery rhymes. Titled it "Dad's Nursery Rhyme Book" as most of the pictures had the kids and their Dad. Printed it off for each of them.

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