Sedimentary Rock

We have a teapot. We use it to heat water for tea and coffee. I make a point of always filling it up all the way, in case Chris wants a cup after I heat the water. I was recently teasing Chris because most of the time he only heats up enough for himself, unless I tell him I want a cup too.

Chris: Yeah, but do you dump out the old water first?
Kyra: What's the big deal? It's just water.
Chris: You're not supposed to reuse boiled water. All the sediment goes to the bottom, then when you add new water to the old water you just mix up the sediment. So you're essentially giving me sedimentary coffee.
Kyra: Is that like sedimentary rock?
Chris: There is such a thing?
Kyra: Yeah! Didn't you ever take Geology?
Chris: Oh, I thought you were talking about music.

Sedimentary Rock, (n) : Rock and Roll of an extremely hard variety.


nat said...

Gonna have to dispute your neologism: seems to me that sedimentary rock is, generally speaking, the softest of rocks, so if it were a rock genre, it would be softish hard rock? Um, like, hard rock wannabes, maybe?

Chris said...

I like that definition.

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