Winter Events: Decorating, Birthday, and Snow Day

On Saturday last weekend, our friend Carla visited and helped us put up the Christmas tree and other decorations. Our home is now all decked-out for the holidays.

I wanted to try to capture the lighted tree, but it doesn't quite work out on film.

My mom made a wreath for me a few years ago while I was in college. It consists of all of my ornaments when I was growing up, and this year is the first year I've had enough room to put it up. Everyone who's seen it really likes it. Thank you, mom!

We also put up some stockings. I'm not sure what Santa will leave in the stockings, but they look nice on our mantel.

It was a bit of a challenge getting the Christmas tree up with Luca running around, but once he went to bed we were able to get things done faster. Even now he constantly toys around with and pulls down ornaments, as does the cat (Mars). Fortunately, Kyra had the foresight to put the precious and breakable ornaments up higher up on the tree so Luca and Mars cannot reach them.

On the same day, Kyra made cookies, and we had Door County Cherry wine (from Door Peninsula Winery, in Door County, WI) after Luca was asleep. (The wine was very good; I recommend it!) We listened to Christmas music while decorating and even danced with Luca, who sort of marches in place and laughs when he likes the music. It was a warm, cozy evening with people I love.

The next day was my birthday, and Kyra took me out to lunch. A group of my friends and my parents showed up as a surprise. It was fun seeing everyone, especially little Xander (son of Amelia and Michael), and both of these events were great way to start my birthday and the holiday season. Thank you Kyra, Carla, and everyone who showed up at my birthday lunch!

We'll be adding more photos to our new Christmas album, so check it out for more photos as the holiday season progresses. (The link will also be in the sidebar on our site.)

Christmas 2009 Album

As most of our readers know, today, December 9th, is a snow day. It has snowed over 14 inches in the past day, schools are canceled, and even business days have been canceled. We all stayed home today. For a very short time, we went outside. Luca has been quite entranced by the snow, staring out the window without any attention for anything else. When we went out, it was a bit difficult for him to move around with all of the winter cloths and all the snow.

I thought it would be funny to stick him in the snow drift and take a picture. Kyra said the tree near our home would be perfect for the scene:

Luca tried to crawl out of his snow trap... He ended up going face first into the snow right after this shot. We went inside right after that!

We were quite bored inside all morning, so after we came back inside, Kyra suggested that Luca and I play with some shaving cream. I guess he's done this at preschool before, and it sounded like a fun activity to keep him occupied. I spread shaving cream on the dining room table and he went to town. I thought it was quite amusing, so I spread some shaving cream in his hair. When I did that he smeared it all over his face...

It wasn't too bad to clean up, actually. Of course Luca didn't like it, but he never does. The photos reminded Kyra of the recent potato soup incident.

We hope the snow will clear up soon, so we can get back to work and our normal lives! Stay safe everyone!


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