Potato Baby

Ok, so we haven't posted in a while. I blame the wild animal we live with. And I'm not talking about the cat.

Yesterday was Chris's Birthday. He received a TomTom from his darling wife and son and "Smart A$$: The Ultimate Trivia Game" from our friend Carla. This prompted Chris to ask, "Does Carla really think I'm a Smart A$$?", to which I replied "No, She probably just thinks your an a$$". Just kidding darling! I love you! Chris also recieved a lovely birthday lunch at Bluephies from many of his other friends. Thank you all who attended.

Luca had mac and cheese for Daddy's birthday lunch, and as expected made a total mess. It was his worst yet, until we had potato soup that night for dinner. Seriously, I think he is more potato than baby.

Yep. He's an eater.


Ms Future PharmD said...

I highly recommend that you get some bibs with sleeves from Ikea. They're about $2 each and have a pocket at the bottom in addition to the sleeves, plus machine wash. My favorite!
Also, happy belated birthday Chris!

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