Luca’s Suess-ish Birthday Poem

Luca will be a year on Wednesday, and for some reason I've been rather poetic. I'm home with him today, he has yet another ear infection. Kinda a crummy birthday present, but he's doing rather well. I was writing this poem while playing with him on the floor. He kept taking every pen or pencil I was trying to write with so I would get a new one, until he had about six in his hand. I finally managed to take one back, and he went ballistic (despite the fact he still had the remaining six). That's when you know its time for a nap!

To Luca on his First Birthday

It's been only a year, but look how you've grown
From that cold, windy day when we first took you home
You started out big, as everyone knows
Now you're almost three feet from your head to your toes.
From spit up to sit up to crawling and more
to talking and walking and opening doors.
From one tooth to eight teeth, and every tooth counts
'Cause you've proven you can consume startling amounts!
And though our food bill will never be cheap
Oh how much I love just watching you sleep
You've developed so fast in your very first year
(Though for tantrums at eight months you'll hear no one cheer)
I've loved watching you learn, watching you grow
And as you turn a year I can't wait to know
What, for us all, year two has in store
Just know you'll have my love for many years more.

I love you, my little bean. Happy birthday.


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