New Baby Species

As new parents, we have discovered many new species of baby. Here are a few, including some that were thought to be extinct:
  • Grumpodon - This species is most often seen mid-day, around nap time, and in the evening, around bed time. It's often very fussy and sometimes inconsolable. It doesn't like just about everything.
  • Splashosaurus - This aquatic species is usually only found in bathtubs. It has been spotted occasionally in inflatable plastic swimming pools, and we suspect it may be found there more often as the weather heats up.
  • Squirmodon - This species shows up when least desirable, like when changing diapers on a changing table. It also appears during nap time, sometimes with Grumpodon.
  • Insomosaurus - This species loves to stay awake, past nap times and bed times. It often does not want to go to sleep at all. Grumpodon is often around the corner from Insomnosaurus.
We do not yet have photos of these elusive creatures, but once the opportunity presents itself, we'll be sure to post photos to help others identify these species.


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