Happy Anniversary from Carla

Today Carla posted a letter to us, wishing us a happy anniversary:
Happy Anniversary to the greatest couple I know!!!

Chris and Kyra:

You have been thrown some real curve balls in your first year of marriage, but from where I'm sitting I've seen you handle them with grace, patience and love.

I am so blessed to have you in my life. A year ago today I witnessed a beautiful marriage between two deeply in love people. I felt blessed then to be able to attend your wedding and I feel blessed today to call you my closest friends.

I remember our trip to the zoo on Memorial Day very fondly. Both of you were talking about your hopes and dreams for your unborn kiddo. I'm so lucky to have spent so much time with you before and after Luca's birth. I've been able to see how much you loved him before he was born and now how much more you love him today. You are fabulous parents and Luca is lucky to have you!

To me, you are family. Thank you for all your unconditional support and love!

Happy Anniversary!

Thank you Carla!


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