Update on Status

Last night Kyra was able to open her eye a little, which is a good sign since she hasn't been able to open it for a couple of days now. I keep hoping they'll send her home tonight, but there's probably little chance of it. The funny thing is that she gets the drug she needs intravenously, then she sits around all day. She doesn't even have the IV connected. They're just "observing" her.

Luca and I have been faring well. The first night, just after the ER visit, it was difficult to get him to go to bed. He wanted mommy I'm sure, and he didn't want the bottle. I kept trying to feed him, and he would scream a lot then eat a little, then fall asleep. He did this over and over again every half-hour or so for a couple of hours, probably because he wasn't getting enough to eat. Then he slept until 4. At 4 I thought he would be hungry again, so when he started crying, I wrapped him up in a blanket and went to warm up the milk. When I returned, he was fast asleep! No food required!

Last night was a lot better. I fed him a whole bowl of infant rice cereal before bed, gave him a bath, attempted to give him the bottle, and when that failed, gave him a nukie and rocked him to sleep. It actually worked! He woke up once after that, but I simply touched his face and chest and he fell asleep again. A bit later he was crying again and he wouldn't be comforted, but then I turned him on his side and he seemed more comfortable once I calmed him down. He slept again until 4 and didn't require any food again.

So I think mommy's been doing lots of work just for his comfort! He probably doesn't need to be fed late at night, just wrapped up. Either way, we miss mommy a ton. We were at the hospital with her for 3 or 4 hours yesterday, but it's just not the same. Come home soon mommy!


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