In the Hospital Again

This week Kyra developed a skin infection around her eye. It was red and itchy, and then overnight last night it became very swollen, so much so that she could not open her eye. Yesterday she had gone to urgent care to be treated when it was itchy and red and not so swollen, and they gave her an oral antibiotic and told her to return in a day if it got worse.

This morning, it was so bad I had to drive her to urgent care because she couldn't see out of one eye. They gave her two injections of antibiotics in each thigh and sent her home again with the same message as before: return if it gets worse.

Well, it didn't get better, and it seemed to get more swollen. So tonight we went to the ER to see an infectious disease doctor. I stayed with her as long as Luca would put up with it. She had a CT scan and after she came back I went home to put Luca to bed. Now she's at the hospital getting IV antibiotics, and the doctor said she might be there all weekend. They don't want it to get in her eye and cause any other problems.

I have never taken care of Luca all by myself. I got him to sleep, and I have his un-frozen milk ready to go in a bottle for a late night feeding. Did I mention he hates the bottle? I miss my wife, and I'm worried about her too... This will be an interesting weekend...


Eric said...

Hang in there! You've got mad dad skillz you don't even know bout yet.

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