Live at Five (Months)

Luca is 5 months today. I feel I should point out (as Chris keeps reminding me) that I am counting in "lunar months", or periods of 4 weeks. Going by "calender months", he will be 5 months on the 14th. However, the doctor's office goes by lunar months and if its good enough for them its good enough for me.

I think from now on I will call them "Luca months". Haha, punny! Ok moving on...

The big improvement this month has been sleeping, which is getting back to a more reasonable amount. He now goes to bed around nine without too much difficulty, wakes around 1am to nurse, then sleeps until 5am or 6am. From everything I've read this is a pretty normal sleep cycle for breastfed babies, who don't usually sleep through the night until closer to a year. Unfortunately, Chris has a cold and Luca is starting to sound a bit snuffy, and the minute a baby gets a cold any hope of sleep goes out the window.

We started Luca on solids, and it's going fantastically. If there's one thing this kid knows how to do, it's eat. One of our baby books said to allow plenty of time for meals as babies may be more interested in playing with the food than eating it. Luca, however, is all business. He will even start to fuss if I don't feed him fast enough! He does like to play with the bowl when he's done though, and really likes the loud bang it makes when he repeatedly slams it against his high chair (maybe Chris was right: maybe he expects it to make music, like his gym). He also is exploring feeding himself, and will follow the spoon with his hand from the bowl to his mouth. Right now we are sticking to rice cereal, but I may try bananas in a week or so if things continue going well. Supposedly breast fed babies prefer bananas over cereal because they are sweet like breast milk.

Luca's new favorite toy is a jumperoo on loan from his cousin Lilianna. He hasn't quite figured out the whole jumping thing yet. He has it backwards at the moment: he will pick up his feet to get the saucer to move rather than put them down and push. We've also started "crawling", which at the moment is more of a swimming/squirming motion on his tummy while I put my hands behind his feet so he can push off. Luca seems to like the idea of self propulsion. This morning he got ambitious enough to actually put his knees under him and push, but he forgot about his arms and just managed to push himself along the floor on his forehead! It was too funny! He didn't find it nearly as amusing, but then I imagine rug burn on your forehead can't be very pleasant.


Ms Future PharmD said...

Linnea is sleeping through about every third night now (which is my favorite thing ever). I hope you all are feeling better soon.

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