Awkward Positions

As noted in a previous entry, Luca has started sitting in a little chair designed to support infants as they learn to sit on their own. To some extent, Luca can sit on his own very briefly, leading to some rather awkward positions:

I especially like the drowsy look in the last shot. Or is he giving mommy some attitude?

Luca has also been learning to sit up in other places, too, like his bouncy chair:

I wasn't around when this happened, but Kyra told me that he had trouble figuring out how to lay back down. She had to help him get out of this awkward position.

Kyra's mom, Linda (aka nana), also taught Luca how to hold his feet. Now he does this frequently while lying down on the floor, in the bathtub, and on the changing table (which helps, actually!).

He seems rather happy that he's found his feet. And yes, he is busting out of his outfit.

One night, while eating, Kyra made a rather loud sound. Luca gave her this look, as if to say, "What was THAT?":

Just this weekend, we discovered, as nana predicted, Luca likes to sleep on his side. Here he is, after falling asleep lying on my arm.

I didn't want to move after he fell asleep. He was so warm and cuddly, and I didn't want to wake him up.

That night, he was so tired, I put him down in his crib, and he turned sideways and immediately fell asleep. Later, he was fussing and I went in and turned him on his side. He feel asleep instantly. If he could just stay on his side and sleep all night, it would be perfect. However, he still needs some help getting to and staying on his side. It gives us hope, though, that he call fall asleep so easily when in the right position.


Unknown said...

We got Linnea foam wedges from target and wedged her into position until she was old enough to roll over them. Worked like a charm (and I think they're washable too). You might try that, or a couple rolled-up towels that are rubber banded into shape to prop him up.

Chris said...

I think physicians are recommending against anything in the crib until the baby can roll over on their own, due to the risk of SIDS. We'll have to wait until he can roll around on his own.

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