What a morning!

This morning I put Luca in his little chair to eat breakfast with me. I was showing him how big people eat cereal. Everything was going well until I heard a squishy, liquidy sound come from Luca. Oh no. Kyra wasn't feeling well and was still asleep, so I decided to change him myself, quickly, so I could still get to work on time. Much to my dismay, Luca dirtied through two layers of clothing. Then he peed, all over the changing table and himself. Of course, he thought this was rather amusing, and was laughing and screaming in joy. Frustrated and in a hurry, I tore off all of his clothes, took him to the shower, and doused him in "lucawarm" water. I wrapped him in a towel and set him on the floor while I cleaned the changing table, which was covered in not only peepee, but doodoo as well. I threw on a onesie, set him in the swing, turned the swing on as well as the "nature sounds", and hurried to get ready. I was still in my pajamas.


Kyra S. said...

Luca is currently asleep in his bouncy seat, giggling in his dreams about what a morning he put daddy through.

Anonymous said...

hahah oh the joys of little boys!!

Anonymous said...

Just had to jot a note to tell you I laughed and laughed out loud reading your latest log entry, especially the beginning where you said, you were showing Luca how a big guy eats cereal! You and Kyra both write such witty and interesting entries.

P.S. Luca is darling!

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