Sometimes when someone else is looking for something and they ask me about it, I'll say, jokingly, "I ate it." Sometimes when I'm looking for something, I ask someone else, jokingly, "Where is it?" then, "Did you eat it?" (using a tone to convey blame).

Last night I must have been dreaming about work. As I was sleeping, I woke up Kyra and asked, "Where is the data?" then, "Did you eat it?" She told me to roll over and go to sleep.

Later, early in the morning when we both woke up, she told me about it, and we laughed. I call this phenomenon sleep-talking, and I do it a lot when I haven't had enough sleep. Apparently it's called somniloquy (som-NIL-o-kwee) in science. I've done this for years, and it happened more often in college when I wasn't getting enough sleep on a regular basis. I suppose it will start to happen more and more after the baby arrives, so get ready for some humorous somniloquy jokes!


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