A Letter from Auntie Carla: Dear Baby

Auntie Carla wrote a letter to our son on her site:
Dear Baby,

Hello! I thought I would take this opportunity given by your late arrival to write you a little note to welcome you to the world. Think of me as your tour guide. I'll tell you what you need to know. I am your Auntie Carla - technically no relation, but I care about your Mommy and Daddy very much.

It's almost time for your arrival, and I know that your Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more excited! Your bed is all ready, the bathtub is ready and Mommy and Daddy have had their hospital bags packed for weeks! Lots of people have spent a long time waiting for you - and you seem to want to wait even longer! I promise you'll have a great time once you get here!

First you will meet two people who just can't describe how happy they are that you are going to be a part of their lives. To you they are Mommy and Daddy, but to me they are Kyra and Chris. They are two of my very best friends, and I consider them family.

I will let Mommy and Daddy someday tell you the story of how they met, how they started dating, and how they got married, but I want to tell you I know your Mommy and Daddy love each other very much. Individually your parents are both wonderful people - two of the best people on the planet - and so their marriage was a wonderful event to witness. You should have seen your Mommy on her wedding day - she absolutely glowed. Your Daddy stood so proudly waiting for her and you could see exactly how much they love each other.

Your parents are practical people and love to have fun. Mommy and Daddy are already planning your first Halloween and your first Christmas! You have lots to look forward to!

Not only to you have your Mommy and Daddy who love you very much already, but their family and friends can't wait to meet you! Mommy and Daddy love to dance, and have lots of friends from dance who helped throw a baby shower so that Mommy and Daddy can have many books to read to you. You also have some pretty neat grandparents who are very excited! You have aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives who also want to meet you and be a part of your life!

I know everyone who is waiting to meet you hopes you grow up healthy and happy. We want to watch you grow and work towards goals big and small. We can't wait to see what you look like, watch your personality develop, and witness your growth towards adulthood.

This world is an exciting place and I personally can't wait to help you explore it!

Lots of Love,
Auntie Carla


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