Perhaps Comedy Will Induce Labor

Kyra was due last Friday (October 3rd), and it is now October 7th. We had a false alarm last week prior to the due date, so it has been really difficult to go so late. However, women with their first pregnancies, on average, go past their due date by a week.

Sunday night, she started to have abdominal pain and cramps, so we thought perhaps it was starting. I went to work Monday morning and she was having consistent contractions every fifteen minutes, until late morning when they just stopped. She called the midwife to talk about it, and moved her appointment this week to Monday afternoon.

I went to pick her up and we went to the appointment. The midwife examined her and discovered that she was already dilated 2-3 centimeters, which means she was having contractions. The midwife thought we would be coming to the hospital in the next day (that is, tonight). We set up and appointment for Friday, just in case, to discuss induction.

We've been waiting all day, and Kyra has been trying to induce contractions with activities like walking, yoga, and hot showers, and she has had contractions--just not consistent ones. Tonight, she and Carla are going to see David Sedaris, so perhaps some laughter will induce contractions. I am writing this entry at a coffee shop near the location of the event, waiting for a phone call or the end of the event, just in case she does go into labor. Our bags are packed and ready to go in the car!


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