Due Date Conspiracy

I have been hearing it practically since I got pregnant: It is rare to deliver on your due date, most first pregnancies go over by an average of a week, blah blah blah. I've been trying to remind myself this as the weeks progressed. But, as I asked in a previous post, if it means nothing, WHY THE HELL TO THEY GIVE YOU A DATE?!?! As realistic as I have tried to be about the whole thing, upon reaching my due date, I feel someone needs to wave a magic wand, declare me not pregnant, and hand me my baby. Ok, so that may be really out there, but could I at least go into labor? Please? Just a few contractions?

This waiting is driving me nuts. And the idea it could last another week or, god forbid, two is incomprehensible at this point.

What man (yes, I know it was a man because no woman would ever inflict this torture on another woman) invented the concept of a due date? As I imagine the concept quite old and inventor is probably dead, I will simply hope he died of something painful. Long, slow, and painful.


Ms Future PharmD said...

I think the due date is decidedly a conspiracy. At least for first babies they should give you a 3 week window (although that might make the last several weeks seem even longer) or maybe give you a due date about a week after the "calendar" one.
My prediction is that the baby will be born Sunday/Monday just after the rain. Or not. Babies have their very own time table...

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