Photos from the Homefront

So our apartment is pretty much put together now, and about as ready as it will ever be for the baby.

Here is our newly decorated living room (thanks to Carla for help with the sofa and hanging the pictures)

Here is the baby's area (he doesn't really have a room yet, as he will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first few months at least)

Here is Chris, exhausted from the whole fifteen minutes it took to set up the rocking chair.

The chair is lovely, however Chris had to take the door off our closet so it would fit neatly in the corner of our bedroom. Here he is being "door"key (get it? dorkey? hehe I amuse myself)

And here he is arming himself against the dangers of home improvement.


(For those of you unfamiliar with Winney the Pooh, TTFN=Ta Ta For Now, which is one of Tigger's favorite catch phrases. Also, Chris would like me to point out his nifty addition of the flashlight to the caulk gun, which enables the intrepid handyman to caulk in those annoying, unlit areas. )


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