Heartbeats, Thai Festival, and Baby Shower, Huzzah!

Here are the latest two heartbeat samples. We just had an appointment today, but I forgot the sound recorder again! Oh well. At least I was there to hear it, and it sounded great! The midwife estimated that he was about 7 pounds!

Two weekends ago, we attended a university dance and took a couple of photos. We thought it would be the last dance we would attend, but we went back last weekend for a short time. It was nice to see all of our friends, and it's hard to go for weeks without seeing them. After attending the last dance, we went to Carla's and watched My Neighbor Totoro. It's a cute movie, but very strange!

Chris and Kyra

Carla and Kyra

Kyra and Baby!

Before going to the baby shower hosted by Kyra's paternal family, we went to the Thai Festival at Olbrich Gardens. Unfortunately, it was kind of rainy, so the performances were inside. We did get some shots of the pavilion, and Kyra finally got her picture with the bears!

The baby shower was fun, and not at all as embarrassing as Kyra led me to believe. We ate, played some games, opened presents, and talked. The decorations were all about bears and a picnic. Some of the games were very inventive, like the game about guessing which bear a phrase described. Players would throw a ball around, and when someone caught it, they had to look at where their thumb landed and read the phrase written on the ball. Then they had to guess what bear the phrase was about. Even though I was the only guy attending, I had fun!

Last weekend, Kyra started to have some contractions. In the last couple of days, she's had more, lasting longer than before. Tonight (Tuesday), she had a long series of contractions and decided to take a warm bath to help sooth the pain. The midwife reminded us that chances are she'll go past her due date, but I think this baby is going to come soon! Maybe next weekend! Who knows?!


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So have you guys figured out a first name for the little guy yet?

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